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Amazing Thailand

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Amazing Thailand.  The tag line of the Tourist Authority of Thailand, and also one of the best descriptions that one could bestow on such a wonderful country.  The diversity of the landscape is rivaled only by the diversity of the culture and people that make Thailand one of the most enjoyable countries to visit in South East Asia.

To truly enjoy Thailand is to get to know the culture and people.  One can spend their entire stay at a luxurious beach resort and never see more of Thailand than the Suvarnabhumi Airport, taxi ride, and their hotel.  To understand why people come to Thailand and fall in love, you need to get out and experience Thai culture.

There are so many varied and wonderful things to see there.  Whether it is the beautiful beaches, historic temples or wats, riding elephants, visiting the hill tribes in Chiang Mai, a visitor will not be without an endless list of things to do.  But there is still more to Thailand than the many different tourist activities.

Once you get out and into the city you can get a taste of the culture and the wonderful people that call Thailand there home.  Enjoy the delicious foods, shopping, nightlife and entertainment.  Talk to people and learn a little more about the land you are visiting.  Take in a Muay Thai match at Lumpini Stadium or make a visit to China Town.

When you start exploring many of the wonders on offer, you will start to understand the feeling of what it really means to visit such a wonderful country and why so many visitors fall in love and come back again and again.

One of the better known location spots is Pattaya Thailand.  It is well known as a nightlife and entertainment spot.  The main beaches leave something to be desired but there are some nice ones just a short ride away in Jomtien.

If you are looking for an ultimate tropical beach vacation, Thailand has some of the finest in the world.  Once you leave the hustle and bustle of Bangkok you will find beautiful white sand beaches a short drive or plane flight away.  Some of the most well known beach resorts are Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui, and Phi Phi Island.  There are also many more smaller islands available to tourists should you really wish to get away from it all end enjoy solitude of a deserted beach.

Whatever you pleasure, Thailand is sure not to disappoint.  When ever you plan your travel to South East Asia, this destination should be at the top of your list.

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There is no substitute for having a well planned trip, and a great place to start is by looking though one of the many travel guides that are available to you. 

Plan your trip, but don't be afraid to get out and try something that isn't listed in the guide books.  They can often make some lasting memories.

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